Best 5 Dating Tips For Men

Top 5 Dating Tips for Men

Niels Bach here. I bring you Top 5 dating tips for you.

I really can´t know if you know all of it. Or maybe if you can get just one single piece of news to improve your dating skills, that would be worth reading.

We have the same purpose. We are here to enhance our datings to find a woman.

It Will not take long reading – enjoy.

I think we all know that first impression is very important.

That’s why Wendell K. Cribbs specialist in relationship and Internet author has put together his top five dating tips for men.

Guys, do you want to make an excellent first impression? Then make sure you pay close attention to this Top 5 Dating Tips.

1. Arrive on time. Don´t be late. To most women punctuality is an important trait in a man, and being late will instantly let your date know that you really don’t care enough about her to go out of your way to be there to meet her on time.

This could not be more important. Punctuality is considered as an indicator of how much you care about her.

This advice is foremost among all dating tips for men.

2. Be ready to talk. The second most important among my dating tips for men is to make sure that you´re ready for a conversation.

That means doing a little homework before the date.

Make your research and spend a little time reading up on current events.

Maybe you know some of the things your date is interested in. You can of course research those topics on the Internet in forward.

Practice discussing a few of the topics before you meet her.

Now you are well prepared to discuss things that interest her. She will that you are interested in her and that is an excellent way to show it.

3. Let your date make decisions about your time together. One of my important dating tips for men is to remind them that a woman likes to have input on her activities.

Some women desire a “take charge” guy who’ll make a lot of decisions in a relationship, until you’ve spent time with her you won’t know if that’s who she is.

Instead, early on, allow her to have lots of input into your dating plans.

That makes her feel important and appreciated, and maybe later you find that she´d rather have you to decide, you can work that out.

4. Pay attention to her, be interested and ask questions. During the date, make sure you ask questions and listen carefully to her responses.

Most people like to talk about themselves.

Ask a lot of questions about her and the things that interest her, and that will give her a lot of opportunities to tell you about herself.

Show her that you are really interested. Ask questions and listen. Respond to her.

This is one of my top dating tips for men.

5. Beware of goodbye kiss. What to do at the end of the date?

Some women prefer not to kiss on a first date, others are disappointed if you don’t at least make an attempt.

In order to decide how to handle the goodnight kiss, pay close attention to her body language during your date.

If she keeps her distance, then avoid the kiss and go for a friendly hug instead.

If she doesn’t seem to mind getting closer during your date, then go ahead and move in for the kiss.

Remember, a woman wants to know that a man is interested in her.

Follow these top five dating tips for men and you are sure to discover success with dating!

Niels Bach

The Art of Seducing a Woman

How To Seduce A Woman For many men, seducing a woman is simply a mystery. Not to blame anybody, it´s understandable.

Have you heard that med are from Mars and women are from Venus?

Men and Women are so different that for many men it is quite difficult to understand what is going on in the mind of the opposite sex.

The main points to seducing a woman

That isn’t a mere laundry list to check off, step by step. It’s more a guidebook on the path you must follow to completely seduce a woman, mind, body and soul.

What really gets a woman going is much simpler than you may have ever imagined.

When you get to understand the differences between males and females it will help you to get a basic knowledge of women.

Once you can get inside her mind, it’s all downhill from there.

Communication is important

Communication is ultimately the most important aspect in seducing a woman. Effective communication is the door to success.

Take your time to get to know her and what she wants. To get to know her is not pointless waste of time and grue ling task of learning useless information.

Be patient

Patience when seducing your woman is equally important, too.

Don´t make her feel that you are in a hurry. It will only prove to damage any good you could’ve done by learning anything at all about your woman.

When it comes to seducing a woman, take it slow and be patient. Women want a man to take his time, not just rush in for the brass ring.

She wants to know that you are serious and not just want her for sex. And the best way to prove yourself is to take your time.

All in all, women want to feel special. Being romantic make them feel special.

So if you want to seduce your woman you have to be romantic. You prove that you care about her and know what she wants. You please her and show her that you know how to treat a woman right.

Romance will take you a long way in seducing a woman.

I hope that you think this article was interesting.

Seducing a woman can be hard if you don´t know how she thinks.

When you get to know about the mindset of the opposite sex then dating and seducing will be much easier. I wish you good luck.

The 4 Reasons Women Like Jerks Revealed

Why women like jerks is the question that’s asked by most guys because what confuses these guys is the fact that jerks are often the men who have bad looks or bad behavior. The truth is that what women are primarily attracted to in jerks is the jerk’s emotional appeal and not some kind of physical appeal that most guys are seduced into having in order to pick up women. What jerks do and most guys don’t do is that jerks know how to create an emotional response in women that becomes addictive. In other words, whatever jerks are doing is creating a set of emotions in a woman that becomes addictive to the point where she’ll make her excuses for all his other shortcomings. Next I’m going to reveal to you the 4 reasons why women so often fall for jerks.

1. Jerks are totally free, relaxed and laidback around women because they never go out under the pressure of having to pick up any woman.

Unlike most guys, jerks never go out under the pressure of having to say or do this and that in order to pick up women. They never go out with the intention to win any woman over because their outgoing and high value personality is what makes them feel attractive enough to most women. As a result, they come across totally free, relaxed and laid-back around women so that women find them mysterious enough to want to know more about them. In other words, these guys’ aloofness and self-composure make them look like the guys who are naturally happy and fulfilled with themselves and their lives. This is exactly why I recommend that before going out, you empty your mind from all your pressures and worries around meeting women. That way you’ll be able to create that important calmness and peace inside your mind that will help you better focus on the moment of meeting any particular woman while being your true self around her and not being intimidated by her looks or her sex appeal.

2. Jerks are very spontaneous, playful and direct in their approach.

What makes women emotionally attracted to jerks in particular is the jerks’ trait of being spontaneous, playful and direct in their approach. This means that jerks never shy away from being their true selves and openly expressing their true sexual feelings towards women. However they don’t express their true sexual feelings in a vulgar or disrespectful way but in a fun and playful way, because they understand that women are attracted to a man who knows how to show them respect and physical desire at the same time. By having the confidence to freely express themselves and their real sexual feelings towards women, they come across as high value men because they have high self esteem and are not afraid to expose themselves to any kind of social pressure. In other words, jerks give off irresistible alpha vibes to women.

3. Jerks know how to assume a woman’s attraction to them.

Another key trait that jerks have and most women find very emotionally appealing is the jerks’ ability to assume a woman’s attraction. The way they assume her attraction is by playfully giving her the role of the woman that’s passionately flirting with them right from the start. The reason why women find it very attractive in a man is because they’re grateful to such man who knows how to get a woman to flirt with him since women are naturally passive in dating and most men don’t actually know how to flirt.

Eye Contact Of Women – Four Telltale Signs That She’s Interested

We have all heard the saying about the eyes being the window to her soul. Well, the eyes can also be the window to her attraction degree to you. You can tell quite a bit about what exactly a girl is thinking or feeling if you actually pay attention to their eyes when they are connecting with you. In reality, the eyes can even hold clues to tell if a woman is interested in you.Listen up, pay attention, open your eyes wide and look for these eye contact of attraction clues.

The Vertical Scan – Catch her checking you out!

Do not blink or you could miss this one! The vertical examine is essentially the “once over.” When eye contact is briefly made, her eyes will fall and look at the rest of you from head to toe. Yes, this is the exact same method men check out women, and yes, women do it too!

Be conscious of her eyes flicking downward right after you catch her glance, since this could indicate you just caught her sneaking a peek. This is a fantastic body language signal that says she was interested in your face and wished to see what else you have going on, to glimpse the total product.

If the vertical scan is followed by a shy smile or if she quickly turns away to try to keep you from seeing she was checking you out, this is a sure indicator that the woman would be receptive to approach from you.

As soon as you meet a girl you are drawn to, be sure you turn away to give her a chance to do her vertical scan. However, just as she is examining you, turn suddenly and catch her in the act! This will almost definitely leave her vulnerable and open and you have gained the advantage.

The Horizontal Scan – Go for the kiss!

So she’s examined you with the vertical scan to reveal her interest. After effectively approaching her and setting up connection and an emotional connection, she’s giving you the horizontal scan. What the heck does this mean? This is a big eye contact of attraction sign normally suggesting that the woman would like you to come in closer.

She will scan your face, her eyes scanning yours from left to right, right to left. She is trying to get a read on you, while at the same time, letting her eyes do the talking instead of coming directly out and asking you to come in closer. This typically takes place after the preliminary attraction has actually been created, and an emotional connection has been made.

When you detect the horizontal scan, it’s time to move in for the kiss!

Dilated Pupils – The eyes don’t lie!

Recall Puss in Boots with “that look?” The look that makes you go awwwwww. This is just what the pick-up artists call the Doggy Dinner Bowl Look. This look is when the woman is so attracted to the guy that she has huge dilated pupils, a slightly lowered and slanted head, and a look of expectancy which resembles a doggy awaiting his dinner.

This look generally involves the pupils of the eyes becoming significantly dilated. This means the pupil becomes so large that even more black than the color is revealed in the eyes. This occurs as an unconscious response to the excitement or attraction the woman is feeling to you. However, it is not her dinner bowl that she is expecting.

Ten Flirting Guidelines For Men – Always Keep Your Objective In Mind!

So you want to learn how to flirt? Before we start the leading 10 flirting guidelines for guys, let’s first take a look at how you should approach a communication and interaction with a girl if you really want to be successful.

Flirting isn’t really about impressing girls. It has to do with expressing your interest in a woman and doing it in a playful, subtle way. When it’s done correctly, flirting is a means for a man and a woman to figure out whether they’re drawn in to each other.

Flirting is not impressing her !

To begin with, your goal is not to impress her or to show off. This is the part about flirting that guys mess up most. Flirting is not about flaunting! If you hear a guy speaking with a woman about his luxury sports car, his executive job, or his huge bank account, he may think he’s flirting but he is in fact trying to impress her, and probably failing at that.

In truth, flirting isn’t about impressing women. It has to do with expressing your interest in a girl and doing it in a playful, subtle manner.

Exactly what is flirting ?

When done properly, flirting is a way for a man and a woman to discover whether they’re attracted to each other.

Here’s the thing. If you approach a girl and say, “Hello, you’re beautiful, wanna go home with me?” – that isn’t flirting. It’s being really forward and direct. It bypasses all the build-up of a mating ritual and will generally turn a woman off.

However, if you approach a woman, smile at her, get her to laugh, make good eye contact, and maybe wink … all this things communicates interest to her.

While conveying interest is excellent, you don’t want to stop . You want your flirting to not only to let her know that you’re interested, but you also want to find out whether or not she’s going reciprocate your interest.

If she does return it, that’s an excellent indication, keep going! If not, you need to decide quickly whether you have to alter strategies or walk away.

Constantly keep in mind exactly what your objective is.

Generally, as a man your goal is to communicate two things in your flirting:

1) Your male sexuality

2) Your self-confidence

Girls find both of these qualities extremely appealing. Communicate them indirectly and non-verbally, and you’ll have women feeling warm and tingly when they fantasize about you. Women are emotional and empathetic creatures – they react to feelings and strong emotions. So if you convey your self-confidence and your male sexuality when you flirt, girls WILL respond!

now with that out of the way, let’s dig into the:


1) Initiate your interaction with energy!

Greet individuals in a happy, lively, but most importantly, energetic way. The very first impression is key, and it’s a lot more difficult to kick off your interaction in a low-energy way and build up than it is to begin full of energy and let things settle.

How To Talk with Women – 5 Ways To Flirt With Humor

Just what is the very best way to speak to women? It’s bad enough that you’re pissing your shorts simply mustering the guts to speak to Ms. Cutey. Not to mention keeping up a conversation to keep her attracted! So what is the key to the best ways to talk with girls?

HUMOR! Women LOVE a man with a great sense of humor. Who doesn’t want to laugh, right? Getting a girl to giggle and laugh at your jokes (and not at you) makes sure that she is entertained in your presence, which will lead her wishing to spend more time with you.

The vital thing to bear in mind though is that while some girls can put up with and enjoy “guy humor,” most women would generally take offense to it. The secret here is to not make them awkward or upset them, but rather keep them all smiles and giggles and ENGAGED.

To assist you with that, check out these do’s for flirting with humor:

1. Do use imaginative misinterpretations.

The first policy when speaking to girls is to be alert, aware, and observant! Keep your eyes peeled and recognize the little things. Take a look at the way she dresses, accessories, hair style, and look. Observe her habits and the things she is doing and come up with smart, lighthearted jokes referencing any of these particulars. The way to do this is to put a brand-new spin on what typically would be something typical and mundane.

For instance, when going in to speak to the car insurance agent, You can ask (with a slightly naughty smile) “Are you the one who’s going to get me a brand-new car? I had my eye on the brand-new Benz … Essentially what you are doing is creatively misinterpreting her work and using it to flirt and create interest.

Likewise, when you go into Starbucks and spot a girl with an x-large coffee, you can ask if she’s trying to get over a hangover from last night. (Since coffee is supposed to help with hangovers!)

Your jokes must be lighthearted and slightly complementary. Never confuse joking and flirting with insulting her! Asking a girl drinking a huge cup of coffee if she’s attempting to get over a hangover is flirting. Asking her if she’s attempting to burn fat is an insult! Make certain you know the distinction.

2. Do remain relaxed and smile!

You don’t want to confuse a woman by looking serious while talking and flirting to her. When you crack a joke, the girl should know with absolute certainty that you’re flirting with her. By smiling, the woman will not 2nd guess your jokes and feel more at ease to laugh at them.

Appearing serious while joking can at times be mysterious and attractive to a girl, but it’s dangerous. You don’t want to risk anything with your first chance at flirting with a girl because if the joke doesn’t sit well with her, you might not get a second opportunity.

Also, you want to stay relaxed, calm, confident and make good eye contact. According to the Go First Concept, this will greatly enhance your odds with her. If you appear calm and relaxed, you appear confident and cool – qualities girls are attracted to.

Are you struggling finding the woman for you?

Do you expect to find the perfect woman?

Dating can be so hard.

The article is here to help men who are struggling dating women. Do you struggle with dating? I´m here to help if you are one of them. Looking for the perfect woman is endless work.

Do you have to high expectations? Perhaps you see it as a numbers game finding the perfect woman?

Do you have a dream image of how your women has to be? Nobody is perfect and you better go compromise.

Yeah! Down on earth. She doesn’t exist anywhere except in your fantasy and on movies.

Where is Mrs. perfect? So, truth about the reason Ms. Perfect hasn´t appeared has nothing to do with good or bad luck, but has everything to do with you and the fact that you are looking for a woman who doesn´t exist!

You must be realistic and open your eyes and change your mindset. You’ll get so caught up in this whole exercise of dating that you forget to look for the qualities you seek!

You haven’t met the person of your dreams because you aren’t looking for the things that will make them close enough to perfect for you.

You are to confident that every woman you have met could not fulfill your expectations. But what do you really want?

This part is so important knowing what you want. When you are sure of what you want, you will know exactly what to look for in your woman. What are the qualities that you feel are necessary in a person? What parts are you willing to compromise on? Start thinking about all these!

The perfect person does not exist. Remember, that nobody on this planet is perfect. Everybody has faults…some are bigger faults than other faults. Some are faults you can overlook and some are faults that you couldn’t overlook on your best day even if she was the most beautiful, most sexy woman on the planet.

Remember when you meet a woman, however how hard you try to impress others, you cannot control her thoughts. Do concentrate on your own needs and desires are much better, and how big or small compromises you are going to make if you dated this woman.

Best Dating Niels Bach

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How to Talk to Women

You’ve just spotted a beautiful woman across the room. Your feet have disconnected from your mind and you are standing right in front of her with your legs shaking, heart rate about to explode and a huge rock has seemed to have lodged itself in your throat, impeding your ability to speak. Sound familiar? You’re about to learn what dating experts have known for years about Learning How to Talk to Women.

Women are complex, but when it comes to approaching to talk to them, they all require the very same thing. Forget about memorized lines that may have worked a few times in the past. If you are attracted to her, then you’ve already placed some value on her, so you are naturally nervous. She has all the cards so you must play it her way.

Successfully approaching a woman means being able to talk to women like you would with anybody else. Remove the mystique and think of her as a co-worker or cashier at the grocery store, i.e.: a regular human being. This removes all nervousness and takes a lot of the pressure off.

Most guys are so intimidated by women that once they’ve approached one, they revert back to their comfortable place of ‘let’s close this deal’ attitude, i.e.: Hello gorgeous, come here often? Let me buy you a drink and by the way, what’s your phone number? They don’t know women and it reflects by how they end up talking to them. This almost never gets positive results.

Women are conversationalists at heart so are turned on by a man who can converse with them like any other human being instead of treating them like a piece of meat. They like flirtation and mystery and many men just aren’t built to be that way. But you can learn to talk to women.

If you’re serious on learning how to talk to women then you must learn how they communicate. Women use a form of language called ‘Indirect Communication’, meaning their conversations are subtle with lots of reading between the lines. Since men are not so good at this form of communication, the best way to get around this is to send women mixed signals. This tends to confuse the wiring in a woman’s brain as she tries to figure out just what you’re meaning. It is performed by your body sending a positive signal while your speech sends a neutral signal. Imagine yourself seated with her, lean in close a lot, make good eye contact, playfully tap her on the back while making a joke and then say to her that you enjoy being with her but you have to be somewhere at thus and such a time. Your body is telling her you’re attracted to her while you are articulating that you have options. Mixed signals drive women crazy with the mystique. Automatically they are interested and intrigued by you.

Forget about those cheesy memorized lines. Drop the ‘let’s make a deal’ attitude with her. Do pay attention to how women communicate and use the method of sending mixed signals as this really is how to talk to women. It’s mysterious, playful and women will adore you because finally they have met a guy that speaks their language.

Gain Confidence With Women

Gain Confidence With Women

In order to attract women, the number one factor is to have confidence. This quality is not easy to project and sometimes you may think that you are confident but you may end up losing you cool or acting cocky. Women are attracted by confident men as this makes them to feel secure. Confidence is also a sign of a man who is reliable and can be trusted. It is not easy to be confident, but once you get it, you will attract the most beautiful women that you have some interest in.

Why women like confident guys?

The guys who are confident are very interesting and it’s a sign that they are able to handle themselves even in sticky situations. Most women like this because it’s a way of showing that the gays are successful. In case you want women to think that you are confident as a man, you need to learn how to be confident and look at yourself in a different way. The way you see yourself is how the women will see you. In case you look yourself as worthless and ugly, then the women will project you in the same way. In case you see yourself as an amazing man, then a woman will be stupid if she fails to date you, she will think so.

Look at yourself in a good way as the problem might be you and not the women. See if there is something that you need to change. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are all women egoistic and mean?

In case you see a girl who is attractive with an ugly man, do you conclude that he has something that you don’t have?

Are you worth talking to?

In order to be confident, you need to change the way that you are thinking and the first thing is to make sure that you do is to introspect.

Keep in mind that you are the catch

Look at yourself at the mirror and tell yourself that you will get that beautiful girl. Have a look at your past and remind yourself that you can due to your past accomplishments. Forget the bully that was said during the seventh grade. Every woman will be silly not to date you since you are the catch.

Look more than her looks

Do you have the idea why guys are so intimidated in case they are talking to a very beautiful girl? This is because they look at themselves and they become intimidated. A woman who is gorgeous can be intimidating but you should focus on other qualities. Remind yourself that no one is perfect. Don’t think that a beautiful woman is better than you in everything. Take a chance as you look more that her looks.

Focus on having fun together

Focus on making her laugh as this will boost your confidence. Make fun, but not to yourself. Keep it cool as it might take some time. Keep it together and be relaxed. This is because the more you lay-back, the more you will be confident.

Core confidence vs. fake confidence

Real confidence around women is more relaxed and comfortable. Women are attracted to real confidence instead of fake confidence. Don’t be too cocky or over -do it. Be confident with your skin and make a simple smile and a good eye contact in an excellent way.

Practice more and more

In order to get more confident, it is good to keep practicing and talking to women who are beautiful. Try more and more, and learn from your own experience. All this will help you to gain more and more confident. For more information on how to gain confidence with women, visit my website at

Online Dating Success Guide for You

I’m sure that many of us have gone onto many online dating site or even Craigslist personals in order to find someone that we can possibly date.

Now I know for myself and for many others I have talked to, the results are not that good. There are several reasons for this that I will touch upon and then give you some advice to give you the kick you need to make it work!.

1) Never join a free dating website if you are serious about finding a mate.

‘Free For All’ sites are often littered with incomplete profiles, and not taken seriously by their membership.

A free trial period is good, but before making your choice of website to join, check out the member facilities. Do they have a chat room, video chat, a forum, instant messenger etc. Be wary of dating sites that do not allow you to search members before joining.

2) Setting Up Your Profile For Success

The first step toward beginning your online dating experience is to pick a dating site and fill out your online profile. The first thing you need to think about is the username you choose to represent yourself on the dating site. Try to make your username unique, fit your personality, and create it with the kind of person you want to attract in mind.

If you’re online trying to find your soul mate using a username like ‘Mr1FunNight’ you’re probably going to attract the type of attention you aren’t really interested in from the other users.

3) Do Not Lie

This is pretty self-explanatory, but if you create a profile that does not reflect your real life you are only setting yourself up for disappointment.

4) Learn effective communication techniques

Your first email to someone you’re interested in is the most important one you’ll ever write because it will help determine whether or not they write back. It’s important to personalize your introductory email and spend more time asking questions (based on the other person’s profile) than providing information about yourself. Throwing a compliment in doesn’t hurt either (i.e. “I love your smile” or “your profile is one of the best I’ve read”).

5) Make the first date memorable

The concept of success with online dating doesn’t end with getting a date. Your actual date is going to shape the other person’s opinion more than anything else to date.

Thus it’s important that you make a great first impression. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Be confident on your date. Confidence is one of the biggest attractions you can posses.

6) Don’t give up

As someone who’s done a fair amount of online dating myself, I can testify to the fact that even the worst cold streak — say, 10 or 20 consecutive email messages gone unanswered — is usually followed by an unusual percentage of nibbles (say, 4 out of 8 messages eliciting a positive response). In that way, at least, online dating is a lot like gambling — you have to endure the bad-luck streaks to earn a chance at the jackpot.